10-Minute Abs +Plank Challenge

Let's work on our core today. We’re bringing back Mere’s 10-Minute Abs and, if you want to make it a little harder, we're adding a Plank Challenge to it. ⁠⁠

Here is a breakdown of our workout. Let's work that core! 🙌⁠⁠
✅ Dead Bug - 30 seconds ⁠⁠
✅ Plank - 30 seconds⁠⁠
✅ Bicycle Crunch - 30 seconds⁠⁠
✅ Mountain Climber - 30 seconds ⁠⁠
✅ Knee Tucks - 30 seconds⁠⁠
Complete 3 times!⁠⁠
+Plank Challenge:⁠⁠
After you've completed the workout, go into a plank position and see how long you're able to hold it. Try to hold your plank longer each week. Use our Ab Workout to help strengthen your core. Record your plank times to track your progress. Push yourself to be better every day.⁠⁠
For more workouts, checkout our highlights and follow along each Workout Wednesday💪⁠⁠

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