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Meet Mary Margaret

Hi Friends! I’m so happy you’re here!

I am incredibly proud of this Into the Wild collection. From
the street to the studio, each piece has been designed for style and
functionality. The tailored cuts, fabric, and fit are created to flatter and
make every woman feel great and look her best.

Because Linc Active joins me in making it a priority to give
back, we will donate 5% of the proceeds to support the Tabasamu (Swahili word for “Smile”) Shoe
, a program very close to our hearts.

With every $18 donated, a child from Kibera Slums, Kenya,
will receive a lovingly wrapped pair of shoes, socks, a meal, and a Bible.
There are currently 6,000 children in need of these essential gifts. With each
purchase of this collection, we thank you for having a hand in gifting and
blessing thru this organization.

I hope you love our mission and this collection as much as I
do and look forward to seeing it in the wild!

-Mary Margaret